In 1957, Beech Forest, Johanna & Lavers Hill merged to form the Otway Rovers FNC, which played in the Colac & District Football and Netball League (CDFNL).

In 1974, the Otway Rovers absorbed the Carlisle River FNC.

In 1982, the Otway Rovers and Gellibrand FNC merged to form
the Otway Districts FNC.

In 1995, Otway Districts joined the Heytesbury Mount Noorat Football League (HMNFL).

Our eight-season stint in the HMNFL culminated in a Grand Final appearance against Heytesbury in 2002.

In 2003, the HMNFL disbanded and we returned to play in the CDFNL, where our senior footballers initially performed quite creditably before low ladder finishes in latter recent seasons.

Between 2017-2019, our senior footballers finished seventh (of ten) on the ladder after winning six of our 18 home and away matches.

In 2019, three of our six netball teams played finals, with A grade finishing top of the ladder and playing off in the Grand Final.

Throughout the Covid affected period of 2020 & 2021, we focused on sustainability, doubling down on our commitment to being a community & family-oriented club.

In 2022, we bounced back with a much improved performance and for future seasons we are looking forward to strong performances and a supportive family club culture on and off the field.

We recently completed a major upgrade of the football ground lights and the clubrooms. These upgrades will help ensure Otway Districts FNC continues to be a safe and enjoyable place to play  sport and gather as a community. We have now turned our attention to the netball court lights, which once upgraded will allow us to play night games at our home ground. 


Known As: The Demons


1957 : Following merger between Beech Forest, Johanna & Lavers Hill Imperials.

1957: Otway Rovers wore a Green Jumper with gold V cuffs and collar.

Gellibrand wore a Blue Guernsey with a Red V

Carlisle River wore a Navy Jumper with a White monogram

1980: Yellow monogram on a purple jumper – known as the “Violet Crumbles”

2001: Royal Blue and White vertical stripes (as AFL North Melbourne)

2003: Red & Blue Guernsey

2004: Blue Jumper with Red Yoke

Home Ground

Gellibrand Football Ground

Carlisle River Football Ground

Otway Rovers home ground was Beech Forest

Ground Dimensions

Gellibrand Football Ground 148m x 106

Carlisle River Ground: 155m x 121m

Competitions participated in

1981 – 2002 Heytesbury/Mount Noorat Football League

2003 – Colac & District Football League

Brief History of the Club

1957 – Beech Forest, Johanna & Lavers Hill Imperials merged to form Otway Rovers Football Club

1974 – Otway Rovers absorbed Carlisle River

1982 – Otway Rovers & Gellibrand merged to form Otway Districts Football Club


Otway Rovers History

With the disbanding of the Otway Football Association, the ex president of the association, Mr. Jack Daffy, had attended a Colac District Football League annual with the motion, that if that league would accept a team from Gellibrand and one from the “Ridge”, the clearance for Gellibrand would be granted and the Otway Association would go into recess.

This would be accepted by the CDFL and a public meeting was called on March 22nd, 1957, at the Lavers Hill hall to form a new club on the ridge. Mr. Daffy presided at the meeting and reported that Gellibrand and the new club would be accepted on the condition that the new club used Gellibrand as their home ground.

Mr. Daffy was offered the presidency but declined, and called for nominations for office bearers. T. J. Fry was elected president; R. C. (Corker) Brown was elected secretary-treasurer. A motion that “Otway Rovers” be the name of the new club was accepted as were the colors; a green jumper with gold V, cuffs and collar. The committee comprised of three from each of the disbanded clubs: Beech Forest, D. Towers. F. Vesey, W. McCallum. Lavers Hill, D.A. Brown, D.J. Evans, M. Woods. Johanna, K. Speight, M. Sutcliffe, J. Ryan. Vice-presidents: J. Hobson, F. Sennitt. Ass. Secretary, W. Beale.

Various officials were appointed at the meeting and a regular committee meeting was to be held the second Wednesday of every month at Corker and Pat Brown’s houses. This was to be the same for the next 19 years. When Corker retired from the committee in 1975, the venue was shifted to Nev and Joan Flannagan’s house.

Our first match was to be against Irrewillipe at Gellibrand which was to be the start for three premierships, 1956, 1957 and 1961, seven winners up and two preliminary finals. It also won the 1958 Centenary Lightning premiership. The under-17 team was very successful and won consecutive premierships in 1971 and 1972.

The law was relaxed to allow Otway Rovers to use the Beech Forest ground. When the weather and ground deteriorated as the season progressed, the home matches would be shifted to Gellibrand or Carlisle.

1975 saw Carlisle amalgamate with Otway Rovers. Their club had been in recess and became part of the “Rovers” in name and colors while they provided the ground and facilities for the club until 1981.

This year, 1981 has seen the amalgamation of Gellibrand and Otway Rovers. The new club will be known as Otway Districts, and wear a purple jumper with an OD monogram.

Life members – 1962 R.C. Brown, 1965 D.J. Evans, 1967 J.P. Evans, 1969, D.A. Brown, 1972 K.J. Speight, 1975 Mrs. L.J. Evans, 1975 Mrs. M. M. Speight, 1979 A.G. Dow.

10 years service: 1974 W.D. Winchcomb, D.L. Dow, A.G. Dow, A.G. Dow, C.F. Brown, R.L. Allen, O.L. Smith, 1977 W.G. Evans, D.C. Brown, 1979 T.J. Evans, 1980 Mrs. J.T. Brauer.

400 games: 1980 D. Vesey.

200 games: 1967 C. McKenzie, 1968 D. Vesey, 1969 D. C. Brown, 1969 K.J. Speight, 1970 J.K. Hider, 1971 D.J. Herring, 1972 N.E. Flannigan.

300 games: 1974 D. Vesey, 1980 C. McKenzie.

1962: K/ Speight, 80 goals, leading goal kicker CDFL.

1964: G. Evans, best under 21; H. Box, Memorial Trophy and runner-up for CDFL B & F.

1967: J. Hider, 101 goals, leading goal kicker CDFL. G. Evans equal runner-up CDFL B & F.

1979: M. Lucas, runner-up CDFL B & F.

Otway Rover: Premiers 1971 UNDER-17 COMPETITION