Our Club

Club Culture

Our club vision is: “To benefit the Otway community by helping our people succeed on and off the field”

We have a very strong ties to forestry and farming activities in the area, which fosters a strong sense of humility and worth ethic in our people.

Above all, we celebrate those who help others in need, or those that would ‘give the shirt off their back’.

Our club has strong local support and is the centre of community activity and conversation throughout the football and netball season.

Our committee is made up of committed local people of different age groups and from across the Otways and we have a history of dedicated and effective club Presidents.

Critical club activities such as fundraising, grant writing and canteen and bar operations, are all supported by a group dedicated volunteers, some of which have given 25+ years of service to the club.

We focus on resourcing and developing our junior netballers and footballers and are proud to field sides in all age groups in the junior football and netball ranks.

The senior footballers are coached by Alan Alford. After several years of lacking depth, the morale of our footballers remains very strong with great work put in by our recent coaching group of Max Rooke (2x Geelong Premiership Player) and two locals, Stewart Sutherland and Sean Maxwell, who will continue to support the group. Our culture and prospects have made it possible for us to sign several new recruits for the future.